5 ways Yoga can help you (yes all of you!)

Before we start, I just want to be lay it on the table. There’s going to be a lot of yoga talk happening on Gnaws over these next few months. If you’re ok with that, carry on reading. If not, a big soz!

Anyway just a brief Q&A on my yoga love affair.

How long have I been doing it?

On and off for around 6 years. But only really been practising consistently in the last year and considering the benefits of yoga and how it can really help me to help myself, and help me to help others.

yoga quotes

Why you getting all Namaste on us?

I got injured in October, and yoga was pretty much the only thing I could do (and even that was a challenge) I kept at it through the healing process and it was from there I carried on with the yogi love (if but a bit more obsessively!) Here are some ways I really believe yoga can help everybody.

  1. Head to body

I’m an over thinker…. so I use yoga as a form of forcing everything from my head into my body

We all suffer from some form of stress, it’s just in our nature today. Its the way the world goes round, its hard to avoid things that get us all caught up and wanting to scream a little inside, whether its the guy on the overcrowded train digging his still attached back pack into you or the not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do. So what I’ve started to learn from yoga is that you can keep that scream inside, and release it on the mat, you just need to make that time for it.

2. Strength…

A lot of people think yoga is just about moving from one easy position to another. It isn’t, it takes real strength both mentally and physically. One of my teachers often says, the hardest part of the class is the Savasana (resting position usually done at the end of practice) being able to use the strength of the mind to mentally switch off and focus is really hard and one I’m still tackling.

yoga quotes

3. Get to know yourself

I think yoga is a really good tool to get to know yourself, whether getting to learn about your body more or getting that time to think about things you’ve perhaps been putting off or things that you just haven’t had time to consider, and then eventually connecting to the now and not the past.

4. Flexi time

Sorry not the flexi time you’ve been praying your employer will give you more of… 😑😒 I’m talking the getting sexy flexy kind, being able to move more freely. We all know as we get older, generally the more aches and pains we get, so getting flexi more often will help prevent and heal those pains 😬


5. Calm the f**** down

There’s nothing more irritating than that person that remains calm in the most frustrating of circumstances ( I hear you cry!)….But wouldn’t you want to be that person just a little bit? That person that doesn’t get wound up by silly situations.  Not saying that this will always, always be the outcome from practising yoga…. but we can aim achieve it 90% of the time, right?! Well, yoga, breathing, focus will help or at least help make you make that decision of whether to scream out in frustration… or to just take a deep breath and breaaaathhhhheeee and let it pass.

Namaste x