Check In: Budapest turning 3.0.

Check In: Budapest turning 3.0.





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BUDAPEST exploring

BUDAPEST exploring

On May 30th, my birthday started with our traditional way of Birthdays, Olly in the kitchen making me a full on ‘posh’ breakfast at the crack of dawn (yes I had to go to work due to starting a new job) and then the grand opening of presents in bed. As I opened my birthday card from Olls and searched the (very long) message for the word ‘Rome’ somewhere on the card. It was no where to found…. Not to say I was at all disappointed I was just totally convinced he was planning on taking me to Rome 🙈 To be totally honest I was over the moon to be going somewhere different, and totally not knowing what to expect when I realised we were heading to BUDAPEST!

With 3 days to spare, I deep dived into Budapest reviews and had a quick shopping spree to get me some new summer city break attire and away we went.

Well, Budapest OUTLIVED our expectations (we’d been on a city break to Lisbon earlier in the year so they were pretty high) but honestly Budapest topped it. The best way I can describe it is raw, hidden gems, rustic and so so cheap!

Olly had booked our Air BnB which was in a great location, we walked pretty much everywhere , and he’d also booked a Michelin star for our first night. Before you think, “hey big spenders…” we are NOT like that at all. Michelin stars in Budapest are all crazy cheap, pretty much  50% less than in London. We headed to Babel and had a delicious romantic dinner (sorry no photos I’m afraid as we were too busy indulging!)

Here’s a quick pit stop of our top restaurants and Bars to check out:


Mazel Tov

We came here twice, it was really that good! Just a great atmosphere, amazing ruin building and the food is pretty great street Israli style street food.

Vintage Garden

This one is more for the Instagram feed…. such a pretty setting (its the place in my feature photo and is great if you’re there for a birthday or hen do (dare I say it!) It was quite pricey for what it was however. The food was ok.. but nothing to rave about, so I’d say maybe just go for a casual drink or piece of cake!

Anjuna Ice Pops

These ice pops are definitely underrated and I wish I could find out how they get their recipes soooo good when they are all lactose, sugar, dairy, gluten free! There isn’t much about them on the internet, but it’s a lovely little place to visit for a refreshing pick up when wandering the streets of Lisbon. I had the raspberry and chia flavour and olly the coconut and both were divine!


360 Bar

We visited 360 on our first day and went back every other day of the trip🙈 It was soooo much fun! It’s about 6 euros to get in after a certain time, but well worth it! The drinks again are really reasonable, and the Rose on fleeek!! We heard there were a few rooftop bars, but if it ain’t broke…! We just loved it here!

Ruin Bars

Szimple Kert

Eclectic East Shoreditch style bar, with random objects hanging from the ceilings and lots of nooks and crannies. Definitely worth a visit if you have chance, but there are lots of other hidden ruin bars that are just as good, you just have to keep you wits about you to find some of them!


Szechenyi Outdoor and indoor Baths

Get your sunbed pouncing skills at the ready for this one. it’s a bit of a fight for a sunbed outdoors and they definitely didnt have enough to cater for everyone. That said, it was definitely a great day out, great people watching (lots of locals go there, ad it’s lovely seeing the families with around 3 generations enjoying a family day!)

The actual outdoor pool is good fun, with a rapid going around so we acted like 10 year olds going round and round in the wave!

My tips for the baths: 

  • Don’t forget your towel!
  • Take a waterproof pouch if you can (you get a locker but it’s located quite far away from the main pool)
  • People do shower afterwards but it is VERY basic, it’s no David Lloyd ladies!)
  • Take your flip flops down to the pool too
  • Make sure you try the Hot / cold body blast!!