Lululemon X Royal Park Marathon Yoga & Running event

Lululemon X Royal Park Marathon Yoga & Running event

Lulu Lemon running and Yoga Event

Life update… I’m still alive!

I realise its been a while since I’ve posted and to be honest, I’ve felt a bit de-motivated by stuff. Blogging, and creating my entrepreneurial dream has been on my mind a lot recently, but in a fogging up my view kind of way. Anyway, this evening I decided to take a bit of me time out. I came home, I set up my living room for some candles lit, calming Yoga playlist on for some self practice (go me!)

Anyhow I also did some reflecting and some gratitude thinking. Since graduating from my yoga teacher training I’ve had some really cool opportunities that I am SUPER grateful for… one of which was in September I got to partner with a friend Sha who owns The Wellness Movement on a Lulu Lemon event, which I feel so privileged to have been asked to do. So, myself, Sha who is doing great things for Wellness in the workplace / motivational guru / and Rich who is a PT / ultra runner / general fitness warrior joined forces to work with Lulu Lemon and The Royal Park Half Marathon on creating a kick ass event for 30 runners.

The event was such an incredible evening, great vibes and really well organised by the talented Jenni from Lulu Lemon did a fantastic job of pulling all sources together. Myself, Sha and Rich were kitted out in some of Lulu Lemons newest gear. And sorry guys but I have to say I think I lucked I’m in LOVE with my leggings which are part of the Autumn Winter collection, and new to Lulu Lemon as they incorporate a fit that works for both running and yoga, and honestly I cant get enough of them, they are SO comfy. Any excuse to wear them since I have worn them. They are so good for throwing on to wear to the shops, hiking (as tried and tested in France!) and definitely one of my go to’s for yoga each week. I just love the waistband on Lulu Lemon leggings as they don’t dig in and are so forgiving even on bloated days.


On arrival our runners were kitted in only the best Lulu Lemon running kits to make them feel the part.

Sha gave an introduction into The Wellness Movement and the incredible things they can do to help shape business to get the best of out of their employees through acknowledgement of mental health, introducing yoga and running into the workplace.

Lulu Lemon Yoga & Running Event

Rich then lead a warm up before the guys set off into the streets of East London, setting pace levels for a 5K run in some of London’s most notorious spots. Where its time to big up  our fabulous photographer  Simon who kept up speed with camera and all to take some incredible shots of the runners pounding the streets of London.

Meanwhile I was back at base setting up for post run yoga at Lululemon store in Spitalfields. The store has a hidden gem of a studio at on the top floor that overlooks Spitalfields market and they host FREE yoga on Saturdays (so check it out!)

I’m not going to lie i was pretty damn nervous for this event as its the biggest class I’ve taught, but as the runners returned and we settled down on our mats, the nerves just melted away. 30 mins of well sequenced runners yoga dissolved away in no time like the delicious High Mood food we demolished at the end of the evening.

What a wonderful event, only a success down to hard work and passion. NAMASTE 🤸‍♀️

Lulu Lemon Yoga & Running Event

Lulu Lemon Yoga & Running Event