Check In: Copenhagen, Mooching and Marathon-ing

Check In: Copenhagen, Mooching and Marathon-ing


“You’ve got this”…The phrase I repeated over and over in my head throughout the Copenhagen Half marathon yesterday. “You CAN do this” is the phrase I’d say to you, if you told me you can’t run. 5 years ago, I hated running, that’s because I told myself I couldn’t run, why am I even bothering? But today I sit here proudly writing about my 1:51 21.1km, 9 minutes less than I thought I’d be running it in.

I truly believe running is 70% mental, 30% physical. So many tell themselves they can’t do something, but put your mind to it & you’ll be surprised. So, here I start my journey with this mantra to apply to other areas of my life where I need this positive thinking.

Running took me to Copenhagen, and onwards it will hopefully take me to so many new undiscovered places in the not too distant future. Before I delve into the delights of Copenhagen (don’t worry foodie followers some foodporn is on the way!) I want to thank my fiance for making me believe (and yes, physically forcing me at times) to put more miles in, I know I can be a f****** nightmare when we’ve run together… but you inspire me & one day I’ll catch up to you 😉


Copenhagen Half Marathon 2016

Copenhagen Half Marathon 2016


Day 1:

Lunch @ Kompa 9, Kompa I blame you for my new found Rugbrød addiction… (there’s one in the oven right now…yup, 3 hours off the flight home!) This place is a perfect start for hungry bellies wanting a taster of what Copenhagen has to offer. Cute & quirky, with a real homely interior feel, right in the centre of Copenhagen. The menu is short but sweet, with great coffee. Being the only none Danes in there must be a good sign too, right? ✔️

Rudbrog Sandwich @ Kompa 9

Dinner @ Paper Island

East Londoners, rejoice, we bring you Street Feast… in Copenhagen, only much much cooler 🙊 the Danes somehow just do it better. Perhaps the mix of older & younger generations, families (as well as the hipster, trendsetter types) helps to bring this place to life. Food from all different cultures, we played it relatively safe.. due to marathon day looming, with a delicious Falafel wrap, and sweet potatoe fries. Why not sit on deck with the views across the water, with the warmth of a camp fire. Our evening ended with a beautiful pink sky as we made our way back across the CPH bridge home. ✔️


Dinner @ Paper Island

Day 2:


Lunch @ Moller // Nørrebro

Picture the scene, hobbling, sweaty, hangry, dehydrated. Not your average guests to dine at Moller, in the trendy district of Norrebo, but when in (Rome)… Post Half marathon we stumbled across this delightful all day breakfast place. Trendy interiors, great coffee (can you see a trend here?!) & delicious Danish tapas style breakfast. Ordering is like ordering from a Chinese takeaway – tick the box and your order will be served. We had the Rugbrod (obvs) with tapas style accompaniments… Cheese, cured pork, Danish bacon, scrambled eggs with the best homemade ketchup I ever did taste, and chicken ‘Nuggets’ for breakfast of course! It’s a must! ✔️



It’s a smaller, less touristy style of Amsterdam with a much more laid back feel. Everyone (I mean everyone) cycles, the city feels safe, the Danes are friendly (when you crack the shell) we found generally they were helpful (in times of need ie. lost!) transport is AMAZING! the trains and buses are super clean, spacious, and so easy. Stay clear of taxis as they are pretty expensive. We only got one on the early morning pick up to the airport as a treat for our tired legs! We stayed outside of Copenhagen, in a residential area with some friends, so a really great way to discover a different side of the city centre too. The houses were beautiful, and the area still so easy to get into Copenhagen centre.

Copenhagen Love

Copenhagen Love

If you’re planning a trip or want any more tips, leave a comment and I’d be happy to recommended more!

Ps. Keep a look out for my next post on my homemade Rugbrod recipe 😋🍞



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