Update On: 6 months until D-Day 💍👰🏼

Update On: 6 months until D-Day 💍👰🏼

Is it just me or could anyone else do with a pause button? This last 2 years seem to have been the quickest, ever. When I got engaged last February, we allowed ourselves plenty of time til the big day… now with less than 6 months to go, I’m beginning to panic just a little! And is it just me, or is LONDON just not made for engaged people… are we all warped into or own little london bubble that anyone in the know of weddings, decides to add a few ££00 to everything. So here’s a few tips and why I decided to do things out side the bubble…

For anyone else reading this, due to be wed this year… my list with quite a few very big things still to do will hopefully make yourself feel a bit better too! Feel free to Comment below with what you have left to make me feel better too 🙈

Wedding dress buying, Catering to book, Transport to organise, Bridesmaid dresses, Ushers outfits, Mini moon to book, Invites to write, decor to create… and the list goes on!

Anyway, I’ve just about come round to enjoying the experience. This weekend I’ve been back home in Manchester dress shopping with my mum, and although my friends have been amazing, it just doesn’t compare to having mum there and doing that whole experience with her ☺️

The beautiful decor in The White Closet bridal shop, Manchester

For anyone Manchester based (in fact anyone getting married who likes boutique style dresses) I highly recommend getting yourself an appointment here. The staff are great, (Nikki has been amazingly helpful & honest) and the experience if just lovely. And that decor 👌🏼👌🏼plus, an appointment is free! (I can almost here the gasps of london bride to be’s!) It’s unbelievable how expensive appointments can be in london, £70 I was quoted for one… seriously ?! But an average appointment  is around £30 🤔
So, what’s it all about… set on Burton Road Disdbury, The White Closet stock mostly British designers, including Jenny Packham, Charlie Brear and Kate Halfpenny 💍👰🏼 they have a really beautiful selection of boutique dresses. Book an appointment and then head to Volta across the road for a spot of lunch

Volta, Burton Road yummy tapas plates

New to wedding organising? Here are a few of my tips & heads up to wedding planning.

•EVERYTHING is more expensive than you originally budget for (be prepared!)

•be selective of your guest list (we’ve only invited people we’ve seen in the last year)

• do plenty of research, get lots of quotes before committing to anything

• and finally and most importantly, try to enjoy it but don’t get carried away… it’s so easily done. Try and stick to what you can afford, after all it’s one day and all your friends & family are there to see you & celebrate YOUR day. They probably don’t care about the things you’d wished you could have as extras.