Try Me: Closer to 100% with Vitl health

Try Me: Closer to 100% with Vitl health

Achieving 100% is hard… SO hard, and when life throws you some spanners, that 100% can seem a million miles away, so looking for some extra advice and analysing your pattern and routine is definitely not a bad idea.

Vitl Vitamins review

I’m a firm believer that your well being comes from following a healthy balanced diet and the nutrients should come naturally from what you eat. Despite eating pretty damn healthy, and living an active lifestyle, there’s no denying that I have days, (weeks even) where my energy levels are low, and I have real slumps.
When my fitness regime is upped (like it was in the months leading to getting married), whilst also working pretty long hours in the office AND feeling like I must keep up my cycling (to and from work most days). I was really struggling to keep my energy levels up and probably not eating enough of the right foods to support what I was using up. So, getting Vitl into my life not only offered the extra V’s, but also some extra advice and tips that helped gain some extra % in my life🤗🙌.

How it works

I downloaded the APP which lead me through some very thorough, detailed questions about my health, diet and concerns, at the end of which I was then pinpointed to a prescription plan based on my answers (I think) I’d be interested to see if I was advised something different day to day dependant on how I felt? Anyway the level of personalisation seem very thorough and the app is awesome.

What do I really think
Firstly, I am super impressed with the app, its so easy to use and well designed. The physical packaging matches up to this too, and is sleek and personalised on arrival to my door – nice touch Vitl 👌

The app sends notifications to blog features every couple of days, but don’t worry it definitely isn’t intrusive. I just wish I had more time to read the blog posts, the few I’ve managed to read give great tips and often timely and relevant.

I’ve been taking my prescription almost every day for 2 weeks before the wedding and with what was the month of madness, and probably not my best month of eating patterns, due to lack of time and not being able to cook properly, I felt having that extra boost was what was needed. The only downside I’d say is remembering to take them, and also the size and quantity of the tablets seems quite a lot… but I got used to it after a few days. A good tip for desk job people, take them to work and keep them in your top drawer as a reminder to take them every day!

So, the question you all want to hear… will I carry on taking them? Probably not right now due to the expense and post holiday spending 😒 Would I recommend them? YES! Especially to those that feel like they aren’t eating the right things, or want that extra boost or feeling under the weather or have an event in your life where you’d want to feel tip top than it’ definitely worth it.

If you’re unsure but curious, I’d definitely recommend downloading the app, and looking on their site here , if anything Vitl site has some really good advise, delicious recipes and tips on living a healthier you.

Feel free to ask any questions on Vitl in the comments below, I’d love to hear if you’ve tried it or interested in taking Vitamins. ☟

Vitl Vitamins review