Try Me: Aveda Tulasara Skincare Preview

Try Me: Aveda Tulasara Skincare Preview

Superfood, natural, vegan friendly, organic, holistic, Eco… The list goes on, but how has it taken the beauty industry so long to get so damn healthy? After all, your skin is you, just as much as consuming healthy food, what you apply is just as important.

I was lucky to be invited to Aveda’s recent skincare launch, I know a little about Aveda, but didn’t know how natural & holistic the brand is.

The evening started learning about Ayurveda & the 5 element theory. We each filled in our form which taught us which element we were most similar too. I loved learning more about Ayurveda after visiting Sri Lanka where the word was in every street corner & heavily believed in, it bought back a lovely peaceful mindset, which is often forgotten about in busy city living lives.

The mindset hasn’t stopped there… We were gifted the skincare range, Tulasara morning awakening ritual kit, now if you’re anything like me, I barely have time to drink a cup of coffee before leaving the house for work… so the thought of sparing an extra 10 minutes on my skincare routine is out of the question…! I’d choose coffee, all day errrryday! That said, I’ve definitely made use of the routine, pretty much everyday for 2 weeks & love it! The brush is used to gently exfoliate dry dull cells, and pushes  down  toxins, and providing general relaxation! I know there are plenty of electrical exfoliation brushes (which admittedly I also have) but there’s definitely something very therapeautic about manually taking control of this, with a more realaxing method, with your this own preferred  pressure and time. It fits into my aim of more ‘headspace’, my new  before lights out routine is lying in bed massaging for 10 minutes and then applying the Tulasara oil from my neck up and then gently patting my face, (it smells like spas in the comfort of your own bed..another tick!) and my skins been noticeably glowier, with more of an even texture.


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