London Cookery School – Gluten Free Goodness

London Cookery School – Gluten Free Goodness

First of all, a question you might be wondering. Am I gluten intolerant? No (undiagnosed anyway). Another question, you might ask now…Why a gluten free course?

I’ve done a couple of food courses in the past, so wanted to try something I was not so familiar with, and to learn a little more about Gluten free, some may say its a fad craze that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with.  Yes a lot of people think they are intolerant (but actually when you compare them to people that have the really bad symptoms (nausea, Hives or skin rash, Nausea, stomach cramps, indigestion, vomiting & diarrhea) they really aren’y. However, there’s no denying gluten free / intolerances are appearing more and more, and I think its  a great skill to know in the food industry. First though, I want to state the obvious. Just because its Gluten free…doesn’t mean its totally good for you. A lot of the recipes we cooked contained sugar, and fat. But I’m determined to at least try some of these replacing the refined sugar… I’ll let you know how I get on!

The course started at 10AM, tucked away down Little Portland street, a stones throw from Oxford Circus st. 11 of us arrived to take part in the course, all from varying backgrounds and interests in Gluten free, only 3 actually intolerant which was interesting, but ALL passionate foodies.

Our chef lay the cards on the table to begin, she wanted banter and some good spirits in the kitchen, and so we begun.

We didn’t actually make everything ourselves more a team work effort but we all had a good overview of how each recipe was made and learnt some great skills from our head chef.

A total of 8 courses, which we all sat down to enjoy at the end of the session. Accompanied by a glass of wine offered, it was a great opportunity to get to know our fellow chef attendees and to share stories and foodie interests. I’d definitely recommend the cookery school if you are looking to do a course that’s not too expensive that’s a good insight into something that maybe of interest to you or out of your comfort zone cooking.


Gluten free souffle

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