Update on: 2018 Mantra

Update on: 2018 Mantra

Enjoy the world. Take away the fear. Innovate. Idealist. Blue light. Deep fulfilment. These are all things that have been on my mind of late. Why? Because the last few months I’ve been feeling a little unsatisfied and empty. I can be guilty of spending too much time on my phone, scrolling through the gram, which ultimately left me feeling anxious, and pretty rubbish about myself. So, I took two weeks off, deleted Instagram from my phone, and believe it or not, I felt more focussed, more on track, and obviously freed up some more time to do things. So I committed myself to a few more challenges that made me feel good about myself. I’ve been doing much more yoga, and with the inspiration of my teacher, challenged myself to do a headstand by the end of last year. Guess what? It happened! How? Because I was passionate about doing it, I committed to take the time to practice and I was focussed and dedicated.

It’s weird how something so obvious like setting more time aside to do things made me feel so much better.  So, 2018 is about more of this. Less of the blue light from ogling over IG for hours. First challenge set and one I just can’t wait for is taking on my yoga teacher training course in April. It’s going to be freak’in intense, but definitely one I know is going to benefit me so much more in the long run. More peace of mind, training the mind, nurturing my body, making me stronger and more focussed as a person. These are all things I’ve seen already from going from practising once or twice a month, to now practising at least twice a week. So my YTT will allow me to deep dive into this and then who knows what will follow.

The reason I put ‘fear’ in the first sentence, is because there are a lot of positions involved in yoga that are accomplished when the ‘fear’ is taken away. When learning to do a headstand / hand stand, when fear was taken out of the equation, it is so much easier. Similarly to when you’re a kid and doing handstands in the playground, why was it so much easier then? Because as a kid the fear isn’t involved.

I’ve been reading up on the Inside the Yoga Sutras to help with these ways of being more present and here’s a few ideas and tips to ponder on what I’ll be doing to be more present:

  • Going to a restaurant with a your partner or friend? Leave your phone at home or if you need it with you, don’t take it out at the table.
  • Introduce mobile free hours at home, no phones after 8PM for example
  • Get out into nature! There’s nothing better than getting out to some fresh air and enjoying the sounds of nature (sounds cheesy, but you know I’m right!) 😉
  • Breathe deep. Practice focussing on your breathing and listening to your breath. When you’re tense or frustrated, or panicked. Try and take a deep breath and bring your focus back.
  • Move, move your body. Trust me, you’ll never say I wish I hadn’t done that….
  • Make the present, more exciting than the past.
  • Break the mould, shake up what you do day to day, be adventurous, take a new route to work…. the little things
  • Be more like a kid!
  • Think less, and feel more

Here’s some quotes I’ve taken out of the Yoga Sutras too that have helped me analyse things:

“Everything begins in the mind. if you want to see clearly you need clear vision” – Sri Swami

“Perceptions become the basis of our belief. Belief systems are like filters that allow certain bits of information to pass through while blocking others out.” – think of this like filters on Instagram… we only see the good and not the bad sides of peoples lives.

“Examine the realities that define your life. How have assumptions sculpted you? ”

“Every time we disconnect our attention from an unwanted temptation or habit (our mobiles!) and redirect it to something beneficial to growth, we’ll have gained a little more mastery over our minds”

Even just reading these quotes make me feel half way there! So, 2018 lets make it a year of finding balance between life and technology. Lets discover more if the things that truly make us happier & not just a trigger of a dopamine buzz from a digital platform. Who’s in?!
Ps. I wrote this whilst listening to a Simon Sinek Millenials talk in the background, so a double wham of motivation!

Does anyone have any other recommendations for being more present and less digital for 2018? Let me know in the comments 🙂