Dilly & Wolf X Nina Gnaws Instagram Takeover

Dilly & Wolf X Nina Gnaws Instagram Takeover

Exciting News guys, I’ve taken over the Dilly & Wolf Instagram account this month, and what an exciting challenge it is! If you don’t already know them Dilly are a group of pulse-loving friends with a passion for great tasting yet nourishing food who came together in our quest to create a new pulse based range of savoury snacks. So, it didn’t take much for me to stumble across these versatile delicious snacks.

Dilly & Wolf snacks

My favourite Dilly Discoveries:

1. They are so high in protein & fibre, so for fitspo enthusiasts they are the perfect go to snack, offering energy on the go as well as topping up the important protein levels

2. There is a flavour for everyone, sweet, savioury whatever your tastebuds you’ll love them! My favourites Coconut & chilli!

3. The branding and colour of the packaging is so fun and has helped to brighten up a cold and wet February as well as adding some lovely pops of colour to my Instagram feed 🙂

4. There are SO many pulses to discover, sometimes we get so used to using the same ingredients, ie. chickpeas, kidney beans etc but its reminded me of the variety & now I’m experimenting with all sorts of pulses in my cooking and snacking

5. They are so great for packing into your work bag, stuffing into your gym kit, storing in the car for desperate measures on the go!

To discover what happened through my Instagram Takeover, head over to the Dilly page here.

Dilly & Wolf snacking for pancake day

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