Here’s to the best year yet… Happy (New) Year

Here’s to the best year yet… Happy (New) Year

Firstly, I’ll get the new year talk out the way (and how the hell is it 10th January already?!) apologies for the lack of posts and lateness to my New Year greetings! I’ve had a few weeks off and enjoyed every minute (it really was well needed).

Now I’m feeling like I’ve already made a good dent into 2016, and really excited for whats to come! Christmas brought some amazing news, some great presents and a reminder of what amazing family I have. My bestie got engaged on Boxing Day and I am so excited, with some exciting planning to come being made chief bridesmaid, my boyfriend got me a Gluten Free cooking class for the Cookery School (which I attended yesterday – post to follow) and finally I spent the best few days with my family back home for New Years, and despite a tough year for some of us, we didn’t stop laughing the whole time.

fitness running blogger

Twerking mid run for the cows

Christmas Day selfie with my EAT by Nigel Slater book

Christmas Day selfie with my EAT by Nigel Slater book

engagement photo

The happy couple after the proposal

What I’m looking forward to in 2016:

1. Travelling (LOTS). 2015 wasn’t our best year of travel. My partner and I haven’t been away alone together since 2014, so I cant wait to start the year as we mean to go on with a trip to Sri Lanka in February, a delayed trip to Paris in May and hopefully something later in the year with .

2. Eating & cooking (LOTS) … I’ve got a few ideas on the cards and cant wait to spend more time in the kitchen and get a bit more consistency on my blog with some inspiring posts for you all.

3. Getting super fit! I’m doing Dry January this year, and continuing to eat my 80% 20% food rule – 80% healthy, home cooked food, 20% let your hair down consumption… (eating out, fancy snacks etc)

3. Celebrating, as mentioned an important wedding this year and cant wait to see my bestie walk down the aisle, as well as any other surprises 2016 has up its sleeve.

4. Spending more time with my family. Going up North more often to see some ma and pa, and my brother more, as well as those a little close. My cousins had their first baby in May 2015, and I love every minute spent with her, its amazing watching how quickly she changes and what a character she is turning out to be. I want to be around to tell her stories of what she was like in 30 years time, as my family do for me today.

5. Smile more, I’m the first to admit I have true Gemini traits, I can be up one day and down the next. So here’s to a year of smiling as much as I can, let the inner chimp stay at the back of the mind and to remind myself daily of all of the above.

Hope 2016 is a magical one for you all, whilst being happy, healthy and full of love.


New years eve

New Years Eve celebrations

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